Formed in 2006, Tome is not only a band, but also a family that hails proudly from Phoenix, Arizona. Tome consists of: Tantra on vocals, brothers: James, Seph, and Josh on guitar, bass, and drums (respectively).

Tome lives on its own genre of metal, called “Goddess Metal”. Goddess Metal is based on the contrast between nature’s beauty and ferocity. With song titles like, “Solar Flare” and “Force of Nature”, Tome aims to use this platform to be universally relative and relevant, since all humans share memories of nature. The slogan of the band, “Everything Human”, highlights the natural human state. Blending both masculine and feminine voices, Tome is an instant hit among couples.

Tome is a book of knowledge; a collection of experiences written from blood, sweat, and tears. Having suffered broken hearts, domestic violence, and childhood neglect, Tome lives for the humbling beauty of the natural world, the magnetism of two lovers’ first impressions. Apart from the conceptual, the performance can take many forms. With backgrounds in musical theater, Tome goes beyond the minimal and envelopes the audience with props, lighting, and video accompaniment. Tome has an extensive song list of original material to fill even the longest time slot. Tome has built a strong reputation among nightclubs and live music venues for their consistent success in attendance and rapport.

Tome owns and operates its own publishing house called “Best Path Music” that is registered by ASCAP.

They are currently in studio, recording the first album.

Tome looks forward to what the future holds.